CPR Face Shield

Reanimation Mask

Product Summary

The CPR Face Shield prevents the airborne passage of over 99% of the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. It also acts as a physical barrier

These barrier devices do not improve the method of administering CPR but will add a level of safety when performing it on strangers and those outside of your family circle. CPR masks have a one-way valve that will not leak. 


When to use

Reanimations masks are used in the event of an emergency rescue situation in order to protect the rescuer from any fluids or transmittable diseases he may have otherwise encountered while attending to the injured party.


How to use

Place one hand on the victim’s forehead & 2 fingers of your other hand under the tip of the victim’s chin.

Tilt the victim’s head back slightly.

Put the mask on the mouth of the patient. Keep the nose closed.

Give breath twice into the mouth of the victim. Control the victim’s respiration.

Alternate artificial respiration with heart compressions in a rhythm of 2 respirations and 30 compressions.

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