Personal Care

In order to protect your loved ones against the risks to which they are exposed, Pharmacar delivers optimal and user-friendly solutions. You can rely on the quality of our products everywhere and at any time.

At home, you need a first aid kit to cover all kinds of accidents. Cooking, working around the house, kids playing around: be prepared for scrapes, bruises, cuts and burns. Therefore, you need all the basic first aid supplies at home: burn hydrogel, adhesive plasters, compresses, bandages,...

It is also wise to travel with a first aid kit. It never hurts to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances in strange lands. So make sure you are packed appropriately. Our insect bite remover kit is a must-have when backpacking or travelling in areas with lots of biting insects. Plus, you can also use it at home in case you are stung by a bee. Adhesive bandages, compresses, an ice pack, adhesive plasters and ambulance dressings are definitely recommended to carry with you on your trips.

Even when you go sporting a first aid kit is always useful to have around. Treat your sprained ankle with an instant cold pack and tape it in. Cover your hands with adhesive plasters. Treat scratches with Burn hydrogel.

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