At work, safety plays a mayor roll. Risks of course differ according to the type of work you do. The first aid kits should therefore also be adapted to these risks. In some countries, the legislation determines what content should be provided in the first aid boxes according to the size of the company, for example in Germany or the Netherlands. In Belgium recently the legislation changed and prevention coordinators in the company are now in charge of determining the content. In France, there is a similar law. 

This means that the content is never fixed. We, at Pharmacar, therefore suggest a couple of different boxes to provide the best protection for different kinds of workplaces.

For offices and small risk jobs, a small kit with a number of essentials will suffice. Where light labour is conducted the box should be bigger, whilst heavy labour jobs need a large box filled with supplies to cover all kinds of incidents. You can always order boxes at Pharmacar with the content you desire.

Food processing companies

A different matter are the food processing companies. These companies (factories, butchers, restaurants) need specific supplies that are conform with the HACCP-norms. This means that the adhesive plasters should be blue and metal detectable. Read more about first aid for food companies here.

Some companies also have a kitchen in-house. This kitchen also needs to be equipped accordingly. So do not forget to provide a food first aid box in your company kitchen.


For schools, the same rules apply. The necessary first aid supplies should be at hand to take care of the school children, but the kitchen needs to be equipped with the proper HACCP-approved material. Our food first aid box is ideal for these situations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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