In the food industry, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. That is why Europe has some guidelines to guarantee safety in the food sector. These guidelines also apply for first aid.

What is HACCP?

These rules are the HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. These guidelines are to be followed by all companies who prepare, process, treat, package, transport and distribute edibles. By introducing a process of control, the risk of contamination is minimalized.

Every company must adapt this process to their own system. The corporations must locate the risks and dangers for the consumers. Then, they need to take measures to avoid these. By knowing the risks of the product and taking measures, the security of the product becomes a lot higher.


HACCP and first aid

In the food industry, first aid also has to be conducted according to the HACCP-norms. That is why adhesive plasters have been designed for this specific purpose. The detectable plasters are made with a metal detection strip for detection in the production line. Next to this measure, the patches are also blue, so they can be easily spotted by the human eye. 

DermaPatch offers a broad range of detectable patches, blue emergency dressings and HACCP first aid kits.