Reanimation Keychain

Reanimation Keychain

Product Summary

  • Small bag with keychain, contains a CPR Face Shield and a pair of protective disposable gloves
  • Latex-free
  • Can be personalised with your brand or company logo, suited as a promotional article or relationship gift
  • Single use
  • Ref 53312


When to use

Use for protection during CPR


How to use

Place one hand on the victim’s forehead & 2 fingers of your other hand under the tip of the victim’s chin.

Tilt the victim’s head back slightly.

Put the mask on the mouth of the patient. Keep the nose closed.

Give breath twice into the mouth of the victim. Control the victim’s respiration.

Alternate artificial respiration with heart compressions in a rhythm of 2 respirations and 30 compressions.

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