CPR Pocket Face Mask

CPR Mask

Product Summary

Each CPR POCKET MASK contains a replacable one-way filter, that prevents the airborne passage of over 99% of the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. It also acts as a physical barrier

It's design gives the highest standards of bacterial and viral protection for the rescuer, and does not compromise air permeability. (Meaning the rescuer can breathe easily through the filter without extra effort being required)

Packaged in a compact, air sealed, easy open poly bag. Each face mask will fit neatly into purses, vehicles and First Aid kits.


When to use

Use against moisture, for the prevention of transfer of bodily fluids from the patient to the rescuer.


How to use

Place one hand on the victim’s forehead & 2 fingers of your other hand under the tip of the victim’s chin.

Tilt the victim’s head back slightly.

Put the mask on the mouth of the patient. Keep the nose closed.

Give breath twice into the mouth of the victim. Control the victim’s respiration.

Alternate artificial respiration with heart compressions in a rhythm of 2 respirations and 30 compressions.

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