Textile elastic detectable plasters

Textile elastic detectable plasters

The textile elastic detectable patches are designed for the food industry. They are visually and magnetically detectable and therefore receive the HACCP-label.

The blue elastic patches are also perfect for work in a factory since they are suited for moveable body parts. 

  • Elastic adhesive plasters
  • Strong hypoallergenic glue
  • Suited for moveable body parts
  • Visually and magnetically detectable (according to the HACCP standard)
  • For the food industry
  • Does not stick to the wound
  • Latex-free


Available sizes

  • 25x72mm
  • 50x72mm
  • Butterfly
  • Knuckle
  • 120x20mm
  • 180x20mm
  • 120x30mm
  • 180x30mm
  • 6cmx1m
  • 8cmx1m
  • 6cmx5m
  • 8cmx5m
  • 6cmx25m
  • 8cmx25m

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